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President of the CCS Board of Directors

Rui Manuel Bastos do Santos

Rui Manuel Bastos dos Santos, was appointed Chairman of CCS's Board of Directors in 2010, when the constitution of the organization was created. Bastos is a physician with over 15 years of experience, with a specialization in Dermatology.



Members of CCS Board of Directors.

Antuia Mogne Soverano

Antuia Soverano, has held the position of Member of CCS Board of Directors since 2010, the year when the organization was formed. Antuia holds a degree in History and Geography.




Supervisory Board Chairman

Bonifácio Dias

Boniface del Rosario Dias, chaired the CCS of the Supervisory Board in the year 2010 when the constitution of the organization. He has extensive professional experience, a BA in Economics and Accounts Technical Account.



Alberto Munguambe has been member of the Supervisory Board of the CCS since 2010. He holds a BA in Accounting.



Secretary of the CCS General Meeting

Anselmo Sevene

Anselmo Sevene occupies the position of Secretary of the CCS General Meeting. Anselmo has training in Accounting.


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