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As an association, CCS is run by a General Assembly, and has a Board of Directors and a Supervisory Board. As part of the social organ of CCS, this is composed of members of Mozambican civil society and some foreign citizens of recognized merit who linked to various government institutions and civil society not only in the health field, but also in several other areas, thus providing a multidisciplinary team.

The General Assembly is composed entirely of CCS staff.

Board of Directors:
The Board of Directors is composed of one chairman and four directors

The Audit Committee:
The Audit Committee is composed of one president and two vogais

Executive Director:
CCS is headed by an Executive Director, a team of Technical Managers, Operations and Finance.

It also has a team of highly qualified advisors and managers who provide technical assistance to the CCS teams implementing activities in the provinces and consists of: clinical officers (physicians), social psychological support officers (psychologists), TB / HIV officers (nurse practitioners), MCH / PMTCT officers (mother and child health nurses) and monitoring and evaluation officers.




  • Varinde

    Executive Director


    He has over 10 years of experience in administration and health institutions management, including areas of administration and financial management, asset and human resources.
    Celso graduated with a degree in Medicine from the University of Eduardo Mondlane in 1996. He has held several high level health positions such as Provincial and District Health Director, Provincial Chief Physician, Senior Health Officer and as a teacher at Chicumbane Training Centre.


    Yasmin holds a degree in Business Management from the School of Science and Technology of Mozambique and has 27 years of experience in accounting and auditing. Since 1988, she has worked in financial control, finance coordination and management, and in auditing.


    Technical Director


    Laison master´s degree in Public Health in Medicine from the University of Eduardo Mondlane. With experience in the direction, managemen and implementations of public health programs, in particular in the program of great endemics. He has extensive knowledge in the interaction with different national and foreign NGOs regarding the definition, implementation of projects as well as their monitoring and evaluation.



    Ivan Management of Human Resource


    Ivan has years of experience in human resources. In recent years he has played the role of human resorce Manager in various non-governmental organizations and was responsible for implementation of various processes.
    Ivan Do Ó Da Silva has degree in law. 



    Chad Griffin

    Director of Operations


    Sousa has a medical degree from the University of Eduardo Mondlane. He gradated in 1997. He has extensive experience in health care. He served in coordination and management positions as Chief Medical Officer, District and Provincial Health Director.




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