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Since CCS began supporting health facilities, in the provinces of Maputo City and Inhambane, one of the main priorities, taking into account the national strategic plans to combat HIV, including the prevention acceleration plan, was the expansion of the Atiu strategy (counseling and testing initiated by the user) and ATIP strategy (counseling and testing initiated by the provider).


In this context, the following activities were carried out:

• Training of health care providers (including lay counselors) on standardized training packages (ATS and ATIP), in coordination with the DPS Inhambane and DSCM (Health Department of the city of Maputo) to support the HF’s in the expansion and implementation of ATIP and Atiu.
While providing care and treatment for children, pregnant women co-infected patients and the general public, the activities of the health facilities supported by the CCS team (central and provincial) will be stepped up in order to prioritize the following activities in 2014:

• Increase access to HIV care and treatment services for the population through the expansion of ART to 4 HFs in Maputo city and 8 HFs in Inhambane province

• Further expansion of the program CACUM (cervical and breast cancer) in accordance with provincial plans

• In coordination with provincial directions, implement quality improvement of strategic services focusing on: screening and diagnosis of tuberculosis, prophylactic treatment with isoniazid and cotrimoxazole and provision of laboratory tests (CD4) by activities such as: Routine Direct support , monitoring, quarterly review of medical records, and monitoring the implementation of MOH's standards. During the implementation of the new strategy to improve the quality of the MOH, CCS will focus on supporting the training of all the Maputo city teams in the MQ package, conducting data discussions and developing the action plans in pilot health facilities, support the implementation of activities defined in the action plan itself, and monitoring of our own plan during the selection of Committee of Management of Health Units, and participation in the supervision and monitoring of key indicators.

• In the context of improving the retention of patients, CCS will focus on: Turning to a structured diagnostic development program in selected health facilities; provincial training in APSS (psychosocial support) and PP (Positive Prevention) and continued expansion of the peer educator strategy for another 5 in HFs in Maputo and Inhambane.

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