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CCS supports the training of various health professionals enabling them to implement prevention activities and assist to victims of gender-based violence. 20 HFs in both provinces are offering prevention and care services to victims of gender-based violence.


As a result of this activity, some health facilities in both Inhambane and Maputo (13) are now able to provide legal/medical assessments to victims of violence in general, thus benefiting victims of gender-based violence, who are presenting themselves in ever growing numbers growing.

In order to implement activities to prevent violence and refer victims of gender based violence in the community to the Health Unit, CCS supports the training of activists of some CBOs in Maputo and male peer educators in 4 HF’s Maputo city and in 4 districts of Inhambane province in partnership with the National NGO Network HOPEM, which works in the area of strengthening human empowerment aimed at promoting healthy behavior.

Integrated care for victims of violence, an activity still in the initial phase of its implementation, the primary aim is to create better conditions, in terms of infrastructure, in health facilities. In this context, CCS supports the rehabilitation of office space for the care of victims of violence.

Inhambane province, today, has an integrated call center for victims of violence, located in the HR Chicuque and offers support to victims of violence from the central region of the province (Maxixe districts, Homoine and Jangamo). This center was rehabilitated and equipped in partnership between CCS, Pathfinder International and the respective local government bodies (district direction of health and social work, police and district attorney).

With the support of CCS activities, several technical support visits, monitoring and in-service training, given particular emphasis at health facilities offering ART services, the result will be to offer GBV services at these locations with all the requisite services.

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