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To ensure that people living with HIV, have access to information, care and treatment and improve their quality of life, CCS supports health facilities in the provinces of Maputo City and Inhambane, in the implementation of the following activities:

• In collaboration with I-TECH, health care providers have been trained in positive prevention packages supported in the two provinces.

• Training of peer educators in positive prevention in Inhambane

• Mentoring of health care providers in the provision of the 7 components of positive prevention (sexual behavior, sharing sero status to a partner, adherence to ART, MCH, family planning and PMTCT, alcohol consumption and other drugs, referrals for support services and community ).

As a result of these trainings, it was possible to gradually expand the implementation of positive prevention that the health facility (HF) supported.  
Support MOH in the piloting of new APSS & PP instruments in health units supported by CCS. As part of the pilot, intermediate visits were made for technical support, involving MOH, DPS / DSCM and I-TECH using the new instruments discussed by the technical working group that lacked approval by the Minister of Health to implement at the national level.

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