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In 2012, CCS partnered with ICAP to conduct research. This partner had the following objectives:

1. Improved health outcomes for adults diagnosed with HIV, improving the linkages to and retention of care; and rigorously evaluate whether the combination of intervention strategies significantly improve linkages to HIV care and retention among adults diagnosed with HIV

2. Strengthen CCS's expertise in research contributing to building a foundation for future research activities at the HF level.
Under this project, research protocol was developed in conjunction with ICAP, with USAID funding to be implemented in 10 health facilities supported by the CCS (5 in Maputo and 5 in Inhambane).

During 2013, all health facilities initiated the research and the appropriate recruitment of patients reaching 36% of the sample size required for the intervention component.
All CCS research staff benefited from diverse trainings in best research practices, research methodology and other relevant training to increase the capacity of CCS this area.

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