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The universal right to health is not just the responsibility and / or obligation of the State, but of all: families and communities, nongovernmental organizations and international partners. Each of these target groups plays a role in supply and demand for health services, within its capabilities and means, as required.
Over the past few years, the health sector has benefited from technical and financial support from several international partners.

In this context, the CCS was established in 2010 as a local partner of the Ministry of Health (MOH) through the support of ICAP (International Center AIDS Program) and the US Government (USG). This organization comes under the activities of the transition process supported by PEPFAR (US President's Emergency Plan for Aids Relief), in the implementation of HIV programs in Mozambique, of NGOs for International and National NGOs Provincial Department of Health (DPS).

All support is aligned with the plans of government and industry, in particular, endorsed in the Terms of Reference for this purpose.



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Ending AIDS is not just a dream. Make a donation that saves lives today. We can and we will make it a real. But only if we all pitch in. $ 19 could provide HIV testing and counseling for pregnant women $ 100 could provide a bicycle to help health workers reach up to 20 patients in remote areas $ 500 could provide one year of treatment and care to keep an HIV -positive Use healthy child except my payment information. BCI : USD-78989720102 MZN-78989720101